Athletes in Crossfit or functional fitness claim the title of the “Fittest on Earth” due to the nature of a sport that requires the strength of an Olympic weightlifter, the agility of an elite gymnast and the endurance of a marathon runner.  With a sport that demands so many skills, the kBox offers a flywheel training platform that ticks many boxes.




Olympic lifting makes up a large component of Crossfit workouts (or WODs as they’re known) and often it has to be performed quickly. Flywheel training can further enhance strengthening in Olympic lifting derivatives such as:





・High pulls


These movements help increase the explosive strength needed to move the barbell quickly.


Eccentric strengthening on the kBox offers an efficient training method to maximise results as it increases total strength and hypertrophy while potentially minimising injury risk.


Flywheel training can also assist with mobility and ensuring strength gains throughout the entire range of movement. The kBox is built for full-depth squatting and loads your muscles throughout the entire range of motion, important in Crossfit, weightlifting and general fitness. 



The kBox also targets speed of movement, again important for athletes trying to perform as quickly and efficiently as possible. Crossfit often focuses on metabolic conditioning, a training technique that utilises a high work rate and maximises the amount of calories burnt.  The kBox is very beneficial in this situation, preparing athletes for anaerobic workouts. Crossfitters also require endurance, as they often have to complete long and arduous “hero WODS” and “chippers” where the benefits of strength training can be seen on their energy efficiency. 



The kBox and kPulley offer a large variety of exercises targeting all areas of the body, suitable for Crossfit or functional fitness, being a full-body sport that trains and utilises all energy systems.


With a range of accessories including handles, bars, pulleys and harnesses athletes are able to replicate the kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and even weight vests that they would use in competition.


Many exercises on the kBox also target the core muscles which stabilise while lifting and assist with gymnastics-based movements such as muscle ups and handstands.


Crossfit boxes are often quite restricted with space due to the sheer amount of equipment required and floor space needing to be kept clear. They are not like a conventional gym or fitness club that can have machines scattered throughout. A kBox can easily fit in the corner to be used or moved out when required without taking up much space. It’s incredibly easy to use by athletes of all fitness levels, making it the perfect addition to any Crossfit box.


This also makes it a useful option for pre competition warm up and keeping warm in between events, the kBox is portable and able to work such a variety of muscle groups on the one device. Professional events may have a warm up gym out the back but amateur and regional events usually won’t and athletes may not have access to equipment if it’s being used on the competition floor. 



With the kBox, injured Crossfit athletes are still able to perform heavy strength training such as full depth squats and other compulsory movements using a harness, if unable to grip a barbell due to an upper body injury. By incorporating the kBox into a rehabilitation program, athletes are able to return-to-play sooner, getting back to full training and competing.