Cross Country Skiing

A low impact, joint friendly, full body workout and one of the hardest cardiovascular exercises possible, cross country skiing is one of the most popular sports in Nordic countries. It is incredibly demanding and has one of the highest rates of calorie expenditure, using a large number of muscles during training and competition. Flywheel training with the kBox and kPulley can offer a whole-body training option that can meet the strength and cardiovascular demands of this sport.


As the best teams and athletes around the world keep trying to gain and maintain an edge over their competition, cross-country skiing teams and professional athletes are acknowledging the benefits and advantages flywheel training has over traditional weight training methods. Flywheel training with our XC Systems offers full-body training ideally suited for the strength and endurance demands of cross-country skiing.

Upgrade Your Endurance Training


Flywheel training accommodates exercises and movements that translate into real-life cross-country movements. The use of inertia as opposed to weights allows the kPulley devices to match your strength levels. As a cross-country athlete, flywheel training allows you to:


・Improve your pre-season endurance training

・Enhance your power output and ski faster – for longer


・Train with inertia and experience eccentric overload safely

Get Pro XC Training On-The-Go


The kPulley Go device is light and easy to take with you for outdoor training sessions. It is easily strapped to a pole or rack. This makes strength training for cross-country skiers flexible in time and space, as well as space-efficient.


・Train wherever with the kPulley Go device – the limit is your imagination

・Adjust the height of the device accordingly to unlock endless movements and exercise variations

・Eccentric overload in a safe, practical, and efficient way, based on growing scientific support

Discover Our XC Product Line


With our products, you will be able to truly emulate the double poling motion to maximize the skill transfer onto the skiing trail. Discover our XC product line below:


kPulley Systems:

・kPulley Go XC System

・kPulley2 XC System


XC training kits for existing kPulley customers:

・XC Double Poling Kit