Tap Into Your Power On The Field With Flywheel Training  


As the best teams and athletes around the world keep trying to gain and maintain an edge over their competition, baseball teams and professional athletes are acknowledging the benefits and advantages that flywheel training has over traditional weight training methods. Flywheel training with our kBox and kPulley Systems offers full-body training ideally suited for the strength and endurance demands of baseball.

Maximize Your Lower Body Performance With The kBox


Baseball players can use the kBox to strengthen lower body muscles. Enhance starting power, sprint speed and core strength, with targeted exercises.


・Engage your throwing muscles by utilizing the ‘single arm lunge row‘ exercise

・Incorporate a variety of traditional exercises into your workout routine, such as squats, lunges, lateral squats and split squats



Unleash Your Upper Body Potential With The kPulley


Baseball players take advantage of the kPulley to safely train their upper body, and improve shoulder health.


・Unlock a wide variety of horizontal movements with the the kPulley, creating limitless upper body training


・Perform key baseball exercises like pulls and shoulder presses, to enhance your strength and build muscle



Benefit From Safe, Mobile and State-Of-The-Art Tracking Devices


Exxentric devices are helping professional athletes to push their limits, but even beginners can achieve a robust stimulus after only a short familiarization period.


・Reduce torque and stress on the lower back while unloading the extremities in the upper body, by using the Exxentric harness. It has been demonstrated to be very beneficial while recovering from injuries to your arms, elbows or shoulders

・Improve your results and monitor your performance easily in a team setting with the kMeter

・Maximize your training flexibility with the kBox  and kPulley, both favored by many professional coaches for their portability. Easily carry them throughout the competitive season, providing athletes with the ability to train effectively anytime and anywhere